Difference between PKGoden and POP

SHARESNEAKERS is a global online shoe retail company,developed PKGoden (Perfectkicks) and POP .  

👉If one pair of shoes have 2 batch on site, PKGoden and POP, PKGoden is the best quality, POP is good quality.

👉If one pair only have POP batch, then POP batch is the best quality.

The comparison picture is as follows.  Not all products are produced by these two factories.

The bigger ball is PK GOD(High Quality), the smaller is POP(Low Price)

The PK God brand focuses on the popular sneakers and limited sneakers. Not only the materials it uses, but also the technology it has, the same computer stitching machine, universal machine and setting machine as the official is used, which can be said to be superior in sewing machine threading, shoe tongue edging, and heel setIn brief, the PK God sneakers ensure higher quality.


POP is one of the most popular sneaker brands among sports lovers around the world, because of pop offers replica 1:1 Sneakers with  high quality and low price.

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